A Few Ways To Improve Your Online Music Marketing
By Jaun Ramirez

Social media is a great way of promoting yourself and your music. Used correctly It's an extremely positive avenue for getting you "out there". Unfortunately, one of the problems that the upcoming artist can encounter these days is that there are new platforms emerging on almost a daily basis. With a mind boggling choice of social media options it can be easy to get lost and loose direction. It is a very real possibility that you could end up spending a great portion of your life, hash-tagging, posting, liking, tweeting, or performing any number of social activities and end up driving yourself completely nuts. Staying focused with your social media campaigns is very important. Always post quality and engaging content and remember that all social media sites should act to funnel people back to your website where you can capture their details. This will lead to far more productive results and interaction with new fans. It's also worth remembering that not everyone uses these social media sites. Making phone calls, sending emails, and making direct contact should also be an active part of your marketing strategy.

Invest in yourself. This may sound simple and straight forward but if you are not financially investing in your future as a musician, artist, DJ, band, or whatever you are, then you're destined to fail. There are a number of ways to get yourself seen and heard through blogs, advertising on social media platforms, promo companies, press releases, featured releases on mp3 download sites, the list goes on and on. On top of this it is essential that you have professional artwork and photos. Sometimes you can do these things yourself and sometimes it pays to pay. The bottom line is that if you are serious about your future in the music industry you need to approach it as a business and an investment.

When it comes to promoting your music, cross promotion is a very strong tool for negotiation and well worth following up on. The key here is to develop as wide a network as you possibly can, this way you have something of value to bargain with. If you are able to cross promote a blog that is potentially going post a review of your latest track you will have much more chance of that happening. Like wise with gigs, a promoter will much more likely give a gig to an act that has self promotional capabilities and the ability to promote the event rather than to one that's guaranteed to reach know one. Cross promotion is a valid tool that should be utilised to it's maximum potential in gaining favour with others and obtaining maximum reach for your music.

Another key aspect of increasing your marketing potential is to make sure that you can provide all the information that anyone would need in one place should they wish to promote you. Creating a press release will keep all this information together so that any potential blogger can simply cut and paste any text, photos, or urls that they require with the minimum of hassle. A site such as prlog.org is great for this and is also free.

Being able to market your music effectively is critical if you are to be successful, by applying this simple advice it should be possible to increase the reach of your music, heighten your profile, and make new contacts that never before seemed possible.

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