By Linda M. Sekulic


As the title would indicate, we are going to address the topics of funding, sponsorship, and various types of Government Grants specifically for the Music Industry.

Merchandise sponsorship
if a band expects to survive the enormous cost of touring in their “first years” ticket sales and CD sales alone are not going to earn them any profits, so it is an absolute necessity for a band to have a line of merchandise for both men and women. If a band has an independent production, owns the Copyright, therefore will be in control of publishing, and can basically negotiate their own terms, showing the backer (sponsor) a “mutually compatible” “recoupment plan.” Merchandise leads to Branding, which is also a necessity in the highly competitive music market. All the designer labels offer a unique, individual image, just like original recording bands. It is all Commercial Branding. Think about how the sales markets vary in different countries, and expand your product line to accommodate. Eventually, when the demand exists, move from an International market to a World market. Social Media is a critical element.

In the lovely Canadian Province of British Columbia, there is a music industry non-profit organization called Music BC – formerly called the Pacific Music Industry Association. This organization has been involved in the annual New Music West Festival, hosting the Showcase gigs of over 300 original bands in over 3 days, for major industry reps, annually, for quite a long time now.

Music BC also hosts an annual Music Industry Seminar series on different topics in the music industry – everything from production to management, marketing, videos, promotion, recording, etc. They also offer Provincial Government funding grants called Factor Grants and a band has to have an independent production, and a two year recoupment plan. There is also a type of Federal Government Funding, called Mitap Funding, that is designated for touring, and major promotion. The Factor Grants are typically used for recording and music video productions, while the Mitap Funding is designated for international touring to establish a viable market.

Another way of “acquiring funds” through an “outside means” would be: if you happened to own a company that is Incorporated, you can sell off a certain percentage of company shares, and once you have shareholders, you could set up a company trust account, then secure major investors.

These are all legitimate and successful ways of “getting the money to make it all work…” the most critical element beyond life insurance for band members, would be “high liability” insurance on the road gear (music equipment).

Linda has been a musician for over 40 years playing several instruments, including bass, guitar, drums, vocals,
For over 16 years she has working in the field of Entertainment Law and is the President of an Independent Record Label for over 20 years. Formerly listed in the Who's Who Music Directory, then listed annually, in Music BC's Business directory, her largest business deal to date: a distribution deal (with Spinner Distribution) involving 20 bands that were unsigned, and had no existing management for a compilation CD to market in Europe. Volunteer for the New Music West Festival, and Music BC (formerly the Pacific Music Industry Association)

Linda M. Sekulic is the Owner/President POP RECORDS INC
She can be reached for inquiries at

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