Rosco Martinez

A unique blend of psychedelic rock, soul and blues

Rosco's beginnings, and influences can be traced back almost to the same roots as many of his same hero's today. Rosco got started on his back porch banging on paint cans when he was just 4 years old. Even at this early stage his parents saw that Rosco had potential so they began to plant the seeds and bought him a drum set. The drums were his first instrument and by the time he was just eleven years old he was already involved with playing professionally. Eventually after a short time, he tired of being in the back so he broke down and decided to ask his mother to buy him a guitar. Mom clearly saw he was serious and got him his first real guitar, a Gibson S-G Junior. As luck would have it, his brother who was older than he was into all kinds of different music so he turned the young guitar player on to Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Al Green, Sly and The Family Stone, The Beatles and so many more.

By the time Rosco hit his thirteenth birthday he was gigging as a guitarist and singer. At that point he wasn’t too serious about his voice but a lot of people told him he had a good voice, so he got more into it as time went on. Funny how life leads down many roads, because this has led to traveling all over the world and experiencing record deals with top companies such as BMG, Island Records and Universal Records.

A unique blend of psychedelic rock, soul and blues with some spicy Latin rhythms. Creating quite a buzz wherever he plays with his infectious grooves. Engaging audiences with his high octane shows and passionate playing, Rosco’s musical history is well documented. From his debut release on Zoo/BMG Records. The single "NEON MOONLIGHT" made the hit trackers top 100 of the year. Produced by the legendary Peter Wolf who has worked with many well-established artists such as Santana, Chicago, Frank Zappa and many others. With special guest star Vinnie Colaiuta playing drums.

He was later signed in London by Universal Records where he released a spanish CD called "Bendita La Fe" which features on a few numbers, producers Desmond Child and Robby Rosa. Desmond has worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper and many others. Robby Rosa was responsible for the production and writing of Ricky Martin's biggest hits.

Rosco also can be heard on the soundtrack of the motion picture film "The Perez Family" starring Marisa Tomei, Alfred Molina and Anjelica Huston.His guitar wizardry and vocals are both sensual and wild and leaves audiences in awe at every show. Rosco has toured extensively in the U.S.A. and Europe. He has shared the stage with many great artists: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant during their Page Plant phase, ZZ Top, Prince, Dave Matthews, The Cure, Stevie Wonder, Stephen Stills and The Neville Brothers to name just a few.

If there was a way to go back in time and do things differently in his career, Rosco feels he would have listened less to management and producers and go with his own gut. Sometimes being true to your feelings is the right way to go even though it may look tempting at the time to listen to others. There is no particular method to his songwriting or recording process and the approach changes every day, but when asked about this Rosco shares with us that he is unbelievably inspired right now on so many different levels. and you can expect to feel this inspiration on his latest batch of tunes.

As a performer Rosco believes the business side and artists can much better work together just by having more faith in one another. Over the years there have been many great experiences in the business, and playing for so many different audiences and feeling their energy on stage really turns Rosco on and is his reason for performing. He feels to be focusing on the negative is a waste of time and instead he turns to the road of persevering.

As far as his career over the next five years? he states it simply and clear, "I’ll let God decide that. He hasn’t let me down so far." Rosco and the band are currently writing and recording a new CD and he is very much looking forward to going back out on tour to deliver his new music to his fans and hopefully continue to pick up more believers along the way. After all is said and done Rosco feels "My contribution is a quote, Stay true to yourself and your art”. Thanks Rosco for sharing your art and soul with us. We look forward to checking you out again in the near future.

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