Billy Livesay

Rocking with a passion and staying in the NOW

Billy has lived in South Florida his whole life. Growing up Billy wanted to be a catcher for the NY Yankees. How different his life would have been had he taken that route, playing baseball instead of music. Originally from Hialeah he has played in local bands starting as a just a teen and since then has followed his passion while gaining many approving fans along the way.

His first road gig was with three black female singers called the Fabulettes. Heavily influenced by The Beatles, Stones, 60's British Invasion and 60's Soul music; this allows Billy to bring many musical flavors and colors to his always heartfelt and well crafted songs.

Billy and his band are in the process of getting a CD of NEW music into the market place with the official release tentatively to be in December. You can always be assured of Billy delivering a passionate performance, so till then you can check out some local South Florida dates for his fans which will be announced very soon.

Billy Livesay

When writing tunes for the new CD, Billy usually will sit and finish a song completely then start the recording process by first programming drums then bringing in the rest of the instruments, one by one. Basically demoing the song for his band mates. After that the rest of the band is brought in to add their creativity and record their parts. The songs on this new record are ones he has written since forming the latest incarnation of his band, "The Livesays". In addition to Billy the band currently consists of: Cuqui Berrios - Hammond/vocals, Tim Murphy - Piano/vocals, Eddie Zyne - Drums, Jorge Laplume - Bass. Expect a mix of styles and songs about life and life experiences with a universal message written from Billy's point of view. Also on this CD are some great co-writing partnerships which bring some un-expected, interesting and pleasing results to his latest batch of exciting new tunes.

Billy has placed songs currently placed in: NBC movies of the week -"Death Of A Cheer Leader", "Beauty's Revenge" and "The Mathew Sheppard Story", Weekly TV series : "Robin's Hoods", " Doogie Howser", "King of the Hill", "One Tree Hill" , " My Name Is Earl", "Saving Grace", "Samantha Who", "Witch Blade", HBO Movie: "Back To Even" . 2007 Motion Picture " Wrestle Maniac"

The Temple Of Soul

In the spring of 1998, Billy got the job, playing lead guitar and sharing the singing duties for E Streeter Clarence Clemons Band called "The Temple Of Soul" which he has continued until the sad passing of the Big Man in 2011. On his experience with Clarence " Playing with Clarence Clemons. The caliber of musicians in the band. The camaraderie we had as a unit. Clarence was a great guy and I played great gigs" . Their special guests have included Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven. The Temple Of Soul were featured as the "house" band for the 2000 and 2001 ESPY Awards on ESPN! A four show run at Asbury Park's famous "Stone Pony" was recorded live in September 2001. The release date was November 5, 2001 and entitled, "Live In Asbury Park, Volume 1". "Live in Asbury Park, Volume 2" was released in January of 2004, featuring Bruce Springsteen.

When not performing with The Livesays, Billy is also the guitar player/singer for Tony Stevens SLOW RiDE original Foghat,  featuring original Foghat member Tony Stevens. With the release of their last CD titled "Join Together" Slow Ride was awarded a spot in the top 25 mp3's of 2007 at  with Billy's song "Redemption".

I don't think in this day and age you can really surprise anyone unless Billy was to say he could fly ! He could say that, but then he would have to prove it. Open to anything, Billy still pretty much finds himself listening to old school classic rock and pop. Taking each day as it comes, he admits to be older and wiser. With all the changes in business over the last 20 yrs., he keeps himself busy staying mainly in the NOW.

"Putting a band together and learning the same material over and over, breaking in new musicians or dealing with drama from band members can be so energy zapping. But the love of creating new music and then playing what he creates and knowing people actually really like it is really the thing that matters. It would be great to have more venues that book and pay unsigned original bands. Just to have my songs heard by the masses is the next goal. Today with the Internet the positive is anyone can record and promote themselves independently. The negative is anyone can record and promote themselves independently. Sometimes without a filter to work with it makes it tough for a new artist to get the tools of the craft of writing and recording music. It's still a numbers game between the haves and have not's and unfortunately , it still takes money to advertise even if an artist is great. It's still luck, money and talent. The artist needs to be completely competent business wise. Make sure he is surrounded by like minded people and realize it's not a party."

The Livesays' new album "Rose Colored Glasses" dropping the end of this month.
CD Release Party at Boston's in Delray on Sat Dec. 10th. Hope ya like it.


Memorable pop-rock tunes, soulful vocals, wailing slide guitar, and riveting live performances are Billy Livesay's signature. Billy has forged a national career and his songs appearing in numerous television and movie productions. The band has a new CD dropping shortly. Be sure to check Billy and the band out at for more info on what they are doing.


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