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“Bluestone” is an eclectic fusion of blues, rock and world rhythms, with hard driving grooves, soulful blues guitar and David Shelly's vocals at the heart of their sound. David grew up in a musical household, listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. His mother was a Jazz singer, and grandfather a songwriter. He clearly knew from a young age that he wanted to play music and at age 15 he magically discovered Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf .

From there he actually started as a drummer just out of high school. Then at 18, he started playing the guitar, because he quickly learned guitar players got all the chicks. He really didn’t start singing until his early twenties and then played with Reggae Band “Tishan” which is where you can hear the Reggae influences in some of his songs coming from.

T'shan was wildly popular in local clubs and David took the sound even further with his own band, opening for everyone from The Clash and The Kinks to reggae star Dennis Brown, rocking the house with an eclectic mix of worldbeat and blues roots. He started writing music and was able to get a record deal with MCA records, but unfortunately the record was never released. Shortly after David met Cher and toured with her for a couple of years. At that point he knew he wanted to get his own band together and moved to Florida in 92. He kept the music alive and created “David Shelley and Bluestone” about 6 years ago. 

When some of his recordings were chosen for a movie soundtrack, Shelley was cast to play a rock musician in Roger Vadim's remake of "And God Created Women" starring Rebecca DeMornay. This lead to a role in music videos for Cher on her "Heart Of Stone" album, including the famous aircraft carrier scene of "If I Could Turn Back Time." The pop diva was no stranger to blues rock talent and drafted the guitarist to play in her touring band. Thus David performed at the 1989 American Music Awards and the 1990 and 1991 MTV Music Awards, toured the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK, and was seen by millions on cable channels like VH1. Soon after he found himself as series regular and guitarist for "The Ron Reagan Show" on Fox and his songs being played on the CBS soap "The Guiding Light", ABC soap "General Hospital", "Touched By An Angel", and "Promised Land".

David then moved to the desert in an effort to reconnect with his musical roots. Roaming the West, he hooked up with some Native American musicians in Santa Fe. Featuring members of the Apache and Zuni tribes, The Mud Ponies (sometimes called Seventh Son) played hard rocking Indian based blues throughout the Southwest.

For many years David has worked in the Native American community, performing on the bill with John Trudell, Floyd Redcrow Westerman and the late Jessie Ed Davis. He co-wrote and co-produced for Native American vocalists Paula Bowers and Grammy Award winner Star Nayea. He also performs in Native American singer/songwriter and former Seminole Tribal Chairman Chief Jim Billie's backup band.

David also had Blues Farm, an LA based band often featuring blues star Coco Montoya, who encouraged Shelley to pursue his dreams of being a blues artist. David is often invited to play with Allman Brothers guitarist Warren Haynes' band Gov't Mule and he has shared the stage with Allman Brothers alumnus Dan Toler, blues artists like Anson Funderburg, Billy Branch, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Tommy Castro, Larry McCray as well as many more.

David Shelley has done the work to become one of the region's top blues performers. He headlines annually at the Riverwalk Blues Festival in Fort Lauderdale, one of the largest of such events in the country. In 2007 David represented the South Florida Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. There, the David Shelley Band competed with almost 160 bands from around the world, proudly making it to the top 10 finalists.

Nashville Experience and the new CD 'That's my train'

The new CD is a result of a magical chemistry developed between David and the band who always deliver 110% on every song. Bluestone is made up from some of South Florida's most in demand and creative musicians. The band features stellar performances by David Scott on Guitar, Charles Gasper on Bass, John Yarling and Raul Hernandez on drums and Bob Taylor on Keyboards. Blues fans and Rockers alike will be sure to be quickly drawn to the sparkling production and what these great players bring with their emotional connection to the music.

After competing with 24 other bands over several months, David Shelley and Bluestone won the chance to open for The Charlie Daniels Band at Sunfest, Florida's largest waterfront music and art festival, in 2010. David also beat the competition for a repeat opportunity to represent for the International Blues Challenge competition sponsored by the South Florida Blues Society. During the trip to Nashville, and time spent away, David's songwriting was reinvigorated and soon after he was to be hard at work with writing, performing and recording the original songs that became his new CD, 'That's My Train' has just recently been recently released in early 2011 and the band is already hard at work preparing for the next CD to be released in 2012. Their focus is to put together a tour for 2012 featuring both releases and in the meantime making the South Florida scene their home.

During the songwriting process David usually starts with a raw rhythm and chord progression, using lyrical hooks and danceable rhythms, and lastly the implementation of the lyrics. Sometimes collaborating with other writers. The songs on “That’s my Train” are mostly a hybrid featuring modern blues with a rock edge.  The band is currently very excited to be currently aired in countries like Germany, Belgium and Croatia and hope to get more exposure internationally.  The goal is to tour the world, performing in festivals while continuing to write and record new songs together as a band.

David says; "My best experience would have to be time spent touring with Cher. It gave me the opportunity to travel, meet amazing people and see music production at its highest level. It was the era of big budget videos and Rock N Rock at its most decadent time. When the record company decided not to release my music, it was tough and very disappointing. But all I could do is keep at it. I love to see people having a good time and have made some great friendships in all my years of performing. I’m so grateful to our fans for keeping me from getting a day job!" David finds himself currently listening to Susan Tedeschi Derek Trucks band, Robert Randolph, and Government Mule among his favorites, and would loved to have played with Muddy Waters and George Harrison.

Speaking for all your fans, Bluestone rocks and we hope you keep it coming David, we'll be waitin for the next train...

To learn more about David Shelley and Bluestone pleae visit on the web at The David Shelley Band


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